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Ro Linscheid is the Associate Executive Director and Admissions and Marketing Director for Sierra View Homes Retirement Community. You can contact her at (559) 638-9226 or

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Avoiding Falls As We Age

Challenges seem to creep up on us, as we age. One change is losing your balance and suddenly finding yourself on the ground. Recently, I had an unexpected fall when I was at a camp in the mountains as I came down a short flight of steps, I think I must have missed a step …

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Don’t Worry, Be Happy – The Search for Happiness

“Happy, happy, happy”, was a phrase our oldest son would often use when he was very young. It has stuck with our family through the years. You can still hear the phrase pop up from someone in the family. Children seem to be full of happiness and cheer. Who does not smile while watching young …

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We’re a Cooling Center. Come Beat the Heat!

The Central Valley of California is in an extremely dangerous heat wave. We are used to summers days where the temperature cools down at night. Lately, however, there has been very little cooling at night. Seniors especially are subject to ill effects of extreme hot weather. Heat exhaustion and or heat stroke become real possibilities …

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A Frank Look at the Hot Dog

As summer looms ever closer, we think of the American outdoor cuisine, the hot dog. Whether at a baseball game or just outside grilling, the hot dog with toppings seems delightful. I thought that maybe it is time for a closer look at the old favorite. All of us have enjoyed a good hot dog. …

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When is it Time to Consider Assisted Living?

When is it time to consider assisted living? The time to start looking for an assisted living facility is when you notice it is no longer easy for your loved one to function all by themselves. Watch the medications: Are they taking medicines at the appropriate times? Do you or another family member feel a need to remind …

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Get Your Tickets to Hear High Sierra Jazz Band!

Come join us on June 3, 2017 for a night of kickin’ jazz, a delicious meal, and fellowship with friends! Sierra View Homes Retirement Community’s Annual Auxiliary Spring Benefit Dinner and Auction will feature a performance by three members of the famous High Sierra Jazz Band!  Date: Saturday, June 3, 2017 Time: Appetizers – 5:30 …

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Does Burned Toast Cause Cancer? Maybe.

Burn That Toast? Practically every week our fire alarm goes off because of someone burning their toast. Sierra View Homes Retirement’s independent senior apartments are equipped with super sensitive smoke alarms. So we know there are some individuals that like that dark, tasty bread! Most of us have burnt toast or other foods at one …

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Glide into 2017

In this high tech world with all the gadgets that promise to make your life better, we are now seeing that a simple rocking chair can improve your health and your overall sense of well-being. Before you conjure up some antiquated image of an old person in a rocking chair, you need to see the …

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“You have Parkinson’s” a friend of mine heard when she went to a Neurologist to find out why her hand would not stop shaking. She now had an explanation for the shaking hand that she could not stop no matter how hard she tried. “I have the same disease as actor Michael J. Fox and …

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Food: Seniors Want Fresh, Organic, and Made-to-Order in a Fine Dining Atmosphere

Eating organic foods, more fresh produce and less processed food seems to be the current trend. Seniors are starting to rally to that table of fresh, homemade food, even after a lifetime of poor eating habits. People who are coming to live on retirement community campuses are demanding food choices that promote a heart healthy …

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