New Life

April showers bring May flowers! This saying is very true in South Dakota where I grew up. This year, our extended rainy season has made that saying true here, too. Ever since I moved to Reedley, I have always been amazed at how early the spring flowers start to bloom.

In February, the tree blossoms bring promise of delicious fruit soon to come. Gardens planted in February bring us the cool weather vegetables and give the promise of wonderful salads and more. The trees grow new leaves and the poppies bloom bright orange as the weather warms up.

May is the time for delightful weather and temperatures that encourage us to spend more time outdoors. As we witness this new life around us, I hope it also reminds us to remain hopeful that one day we will again meet in gazebos, stroll together on sidewalks and spend time over coffee and a pastry with our good friends and family.

We have done our part in staying home and keeping our physical distance from one another. Patiently, we wait for the new life where once again we are able to move around freely and visit family and friends.

I think it will feel like we have come out of hibernation. We will have a new beginning and the knowledge that we have come through a dark time. Our lives will bloom like the flowers of spring. Let’s look forward to a time when smiles, laughter and conversation is heard once again in every corner of Sierra View Homes Retirement Community!

I hope you are well and can look to the future with the anticipation of restoring friendships, making new friends and a new sense of community.
Happy Mother’s Day!
– Ro Linscheid, Executive Director