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Bernice Hostetter

Jerry and Carroll Strader

“We chose Sierra View to be close to our children. Getting older, we were unable to do yard work or take care of a large home. We felt that Sierra View was an ideal place for us to age comfortably. We love the attractiveness of the campus, and sitting outside in good weather visiting with the other folks. We enjoy visiting with all of the good people and with our table partners, and the entertainment that is provided. Plus, we feel that we are much safer at Sierra View than we would be at a more public complex. Being close to church and medical help in case of an emergency is also wonderful, as we no longer have a car. There are many more reasons we like Sierra View Homes, too numerous to mention! You’d have to pack a small sack lunch and come by our room, as it’d would take the better part of the day to list all of them!”


“I love everything here. I especially enjoy the wonderful care shown to the residents (compassion, helping, caretaking, security). All of the staff are wonderful and always alert to our needs. The grounds are so beautiful – it is a pleasure to have visitors. Everything inside and out is kept so clean! Honestly, I am so happy and secure – I know I have my long term plan in place.”

Mary Koop

“My family and I liked the warm, comfortable feel when I came to check out this place. I like the friendly staff and residents on all of the areas of the campus.”

Agnes Jantz

“Everyone here is so friendly and helpful – the staff are great at all levels of care. I love spending time with my friends here. Fun activities are also provided and available – I love the game night!”

Ruby Arnst

“I have lived in 4 other retirement communities. Sierra View Homes is by far the best.”


Jackie Muzzy

“It was easy to convince me to live here. The staff and residents are the most incredible group of people I’ve ever been with. I love it here. What’s my favorite part? EVERYTHING!”

Mary Lou Martens

“I remember years ago when I lived in Dinuba, my friends would come and tell me, “If I ever retire, Sierra View Homes is where I’d come.” They took me and showed me around and I was impressed. I appreciated that it was not terribly large because you can get to know people so much easier.

Moving from a distance was stressful, but immediately people came over and welcomed me. That was fun. I just had the impression of a very friendly place.

I like that you can be as involved as you want to be here at Sierra View Homes. I love to volunteer and I knew there would be lots of opportunities. Another thing I like about Sierra View is that we have people of different ethnicities here; this is a very inclusive community. And the staff have been wonderful.”

Arthur and Joanne KalafutKalafuts

“Coming to Sierra View was the greatest move I’ve ever made. It’s truly a community of friends.”

Jack Fransen

“You aren’t here long and you sense people wanting to help you. I was immediately impressed with the wonderful staff who treated the patients with dignity and love. I become aware that the staff would prepare dishes designed to meet my diabetic health needs. I am also very happy with my room. Upon arrival it was very evident that this is a place that soon makes you comfortable and provides you with a variety of amenities. The more I’m here at Sierra View Homes, the more I like it.”

Mildred Rowland

“In 1993 I became physically indisposed and knew I needed to go to a retirement center. I came here to Sierra View Homes to live in an apartment. I loved my apartment the whole 18 years I was in it. I loved the quiet and the safety. I felt totally safe. And the comradeship and fellowship was just really terrific. My move into assisted living went smoothly. There was a period of adjustment, but I love it here in Residential as well. I can still go to the fitness center and attend all the other activities that take place here. Now I don’t have to cook or keep house anymore. I feel cared for; just totally cared for! With its Christian atmosphere, this place is a piece of God’s heaven on earth.”