It’s Official! Sierra View is a CCRC!

We’re a Continuing Care Retirement Community!

It’s official! Sierra View Homes Retirement Community has been licensed by the Department of Social Services as a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC). What does that change, you ask? Very little, actually. But now Sierra View is getting recognized by the state for the good work we were already doing.

A Continuing Care Retirement Community guarantees to its residents that if they require the services of a higher level of care, such as Skilled Nursing or Assisted Living, they have a guaranteed spot in that higher level of care. That guarantee provides peace of mind to residents and their loved ones that the resident will not have to bounce from one retirement community to the next, and will have a greater ability to age in place.

The fact is that Sierra View Homes has been unofficially providing this service to our residents for decades – if one of our independent apartment residents got sick and needed a higher level of care, we moved heaven and earth to make room for them. If someone was going to get our friends back on their feet, we wanted it to be us! But we finally decided that it was time to stand up and be recognized for the customer service and peace of mind we were providing.

Thus, Vito Genna, Sierra View’s Executive Director and CEO, spearheaded SVHRC’s application for official CCRC approval. And sure enough, the state saw what we knew all along: Sierra View Homes is a place where residents can feel confident that they can age in place.

An added bonus is that unlike most other Continuing Care Retirement Communities in the state and even in Reedley, we do not charge a large up-front entrance fee for this service. Residents get the benefit of no entrance fee, the same month-to-month rental pricing they have always had, and the peace of mind that they can age in place at Sierra View Homes, regardless of what the future holds!

Sierra View Homes Retirement Community: Department of Social Services License #261. (Yay!)