Chaplain’s Corner: Defiant Celebration!

With everything going on in our world these days, Easter might actually take many of us by surprise this year! And it is right and well that we should be surprised by the resurrection! While our Easter traditions and rituals are rich and meaningful, it is possible that they also become a routine, allowing us to forget just how shocking and unsettling Jesus’ resurrection truly was, both to the disciples and to the world.

Resurrection is perhaps the most powerful symbol known to humankind. It is a declaration that life is more powerful than death, that love is more powerful than hate, and that hope is more powerful than despair. Let us cling to Easter with renewed anticipation this year, defiantly celebrating the reality:
God is making all things new and that we are freed from the need to fear. Shine with the courage of that conviction this Easter season.
Christ is risen indeed!! 
– Caley Ortman, Chaplain