Train Your Brain

Train Your Brain

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Your brain is like a muscle – don’t use it, you lose it!
The following are online resources for training your brain, and some argue that they can increase your intelligence and functional ability in daily tasks:

  • Luminosity – The recognized leader in online brain training, with 40 million registered users.
  • Cognifit – An online brain training program that also offers a downloadable app for iPhone and iPod.
  • Jungle Memory – Brain training designed specifically for children.
  • Cogmed – This offline brain training program claims to help those with traumatic brain injury or ADHD, and has been implemented in hospitals and over 100 U.S. schools.
The health of your brain has also been linked to diet, exercise, and heart health. Marden’s Place, Sierra View Homes’ Alzheimer’s assisted living wing dedicate to residents with dementia and memory difficulties, makes use of games, diet, and exercise to keep our residents active and using their brains. We also encourage the residents in our independent senior apartments and assisted living to remain active, both physically and mentally.

For more resources and ideas about keeping your brain healthy and avoiding Alzheimer’s, check out the resources at the Alzheimer’s Research Center sponsored by the Alzheimer’s Association.

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