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Ro Linscheid is the Associate Executive Director and Admissions and Marketing Director for Sierra View Homes Retirement Community. You can contact her at (559) 638-9226 or

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11 Benefits of Living in a Retirement Community

Wondering if retirement community living is really better than living in a house? It is! Below is a list of reasons that retirement community living beats living alone in a home every time. Benefits of Living in a Retirement Community: Friendships As we age, we often lose roles, spouses, and friends. As a result, living at home can …

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     What happens when the kids are grown, you have reached the age of retirement and the house becomes too big? Through the years you have accumulated lots of “stuff” thinking someday your kids or grandkids will need it. Maybe it is time to downsize and possibly move to a smaller place. The thought of …

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Sierra View Terraces Grand Opening

Sierra View Homes Retirement Community in Reedley held the grand opening for its new 52 unit apartment building, the Sierra View Terraces, on February 23, 2012. The new one and two bedroom senior apartments in the Sierra View Terraces feature energy efficient construction, emergency alert systems, handicap accessible bathrooms, private balconies, and kitchens with modern …

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Retirement Communities and Eating Habits

Could moving to a retirement community improve my eating habits and help me eat a healthier diet?    – D. Mc. of Reedley, California Yes! Living in a retirement community does encourage better eating habits. Very often, socialization during meals results in an increase in appetite. Having a healthy diet with proper nutrition has benefits, such as increased mental ability, better mood stability, …

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