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Ro Linscheid is the Associate Executive Director and Admissions and Marketing Director for Sierra View Homes Retirement Community. You can contact her at (559) 638-9226 or

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Food: Seniors Want Fresh, Organic, and Made-to-Order in a Fine Dining Atmosphere

Eating organic foods, more fresh produce and less processed food seems to be the current trend. Seniors are starting to rally to that table of fresh, homemade food, even after a lifetime of poor eating habits. People who are coming to live on retirement community campuses are demanding food choices that promote a heart healthy …

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Never Take Your Feet for Granted

Feet. They carry you from here to there every day. Typically, we don’t give much thought to our feet until we experience pain. Foot problems tend to be common in older people for several reasons: As we age the bottom of the foot loses its cushioning making the foot more susceptible to bruising Older skin can become …

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Elvis Has Left Sierra View!

Our annual Auxiliary Dinner fundraiser was a great success! June 4, 2016 was a great evening full of fun, door prizes, and Jeremy “Elvis” Pierce singing familiar Elvis Presley songs.

Update on our Music Project!

Music! Sounds, beats and familiar songs have a profound impact on each of us. We are utilizing music at Sierra View Homes in a new and meaningful way. As I write this article today I am loading an iPod for a person at Sierra View Homes Marden’s Place memory care who has dementia. That makes …

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Bathing in Music, It’s Good for the Mind and Soul

Have you listened to music lately? Do you have songs that touch you in a certain way? Is there music that takes you back to your childhood or your youth? I recently attended a California Association of Nursing Facilities Conference in Southern California that brought home the importance of music. The conference offered a number …

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A Walk Through Sierra View’s Gardens

Sons of the San Joaquin – Auxiliary Spring Benefit Dinner

    Sierra View Homes Retirement Community’s Annual Auxiliary Spring Benefit Dinner will feature the country’s famous Sons of the San Joaquin!  Date: Saturday, June 6, 2015 Time: Appetizers – 5:30 p.m. Dinner in the Kings Canyon Room – 6:30 p.m. Donation Amount: $60 per plate. (Full table discounts are available.) Tickets are available from the …

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Planning for the Senior Years

Recently, Vito Genna, Executive Director of Sierra View Homes, and I were talking about our parents. Both of us had the experience of parents who had their documents in order and were easily accessible when each of us needed to deal with our respective parent’s business and health issues. Keeping important papers in a designated …

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Spring Has Sprung at Sierra View!


Auxiliary Cookbook Second Edition

Sierra View Homes Retirement Community’s Auxiliary was started in 1968 by a group of resident family members and friends of the community who shared a common love for Sierra View and our residents. Ever since, the Auxiliary has organized fundraisers, led classes, manned the store, and pitched in to help make our residents’ lives more …

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