10 Tips for a Great Garage Sale in Reedley

10 Reedley Yard Sale Tips! Are you ready to move into a Reedley retirement community like Sierra View Homes, but you’re still drowning in STUFF? Let’s downsize! It’s time to hold a garage sale!

Here are a few handy tips and tricks to make sure your Reedley garage sale draws a crowd:

  1. Don’t Forget Your Yard Sale Permit!
    Check out the City of Reedley’s rules for garage sales. The City of Reedley requires homeowners to purchase a $10 permit to hold a sale, and prohibits more than 2 yard sales each calendar year.
  2. Post Your Sale Online.
    Multiple websites are available to help you promote your yard sale, and most allow you to post your sale for free. 

  3. Post a Yard Sale Classified Ad in The Reedley Exponent.
    Yard sale ads cost $16, and the deadline is 10 a.m. on Monday for inclusion in Thursday’s newspaper. You can compose and submit your ad using The Reedley Exponent’s classified ad submission form. Then you will receive a call from them to provide payment over the phone.
  4. Put Up Signs. More signs = more awareness. Plan to post 5-10 brightly-colored signs.

  5. Try a Theme Sale.
    If you have a lot of one type of item, use that as your theme to draw traffic! Some ideas: Electronics Sale, Book Sale, Downsizing Sale, Furniture Sale, Clothing Sale, Garden Tools.
  6. Team up with Neighbors.
    A multiple-house sale will draw more interest.
  7. Don’t Overprice.
    A good rule of thumb is 10% to 25% of an item’s original value. Keep in mind that people shop at garage sales to get deals. If you want to sell the item for what it is worth, it will be worth more to collectors, or it’s a big-ticket-item, you may have better luck selling the item on Craigslist or Ebay.

  8. Keep Change on Hand.
    A good rule of thumb is to get $100 in cash:

    • 3 – $10
    • 6 – $5
    • 30 – $1
    • A roll of quarters.

      Make sure you keep your cash in a money belt or cash box!
  9. Make a Pleasant Shopping Environment.
    • Use Tables. Customers like to see things up close. Borrow tables if you need to in order to give you sale a more professional feel.
    • Hang Clothes. Hang clothing on a rack or a ladder, or on a closet pole held by two chairs.
    • Think Ahead. Have electrical cords for people to test out electronics, batteries for battery-powered items, and a mirror for people to try on accessories.
    • Music. Put on some nice music to add to the party atmosphere and make shopping more pleasant.
    • Beverages. If it’s a hot day, sell water, or get some neighborhood kid-entrepreneurs to put up a lemonade stand in your yard.
  10. Don’t Bring the STUFF Back In!
    Once an item leaves your home, don’t bring it back into the house.

    • Designate a “free” box for items that you just want people to take off your hands!
    • Donate the leftovers, or post them online for free: